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The Little Tank Hunter

Your mission is to destroy the tank master, can you do it?

Shoot yourself through various levels and collect coins. Be careful, if you die you lose some of them. Find the hidden emeralds and use them to upgrade your tank.
Unlock a different skin when you have done an achievement.
Test you skills in the Endless mode

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  • 60 levels
  • 7 bonus levels
  • 5 boss fights
  • endles mode
  • remix mode
  • 14 tank skins
  • 5 over worlds
  • 2 side quest
  • 4 different different levels “easy, normal, hard and impossible”


LeftA or Left arrow / Xbox Controller Left key
RightD or Right arrow / Xbox Controller Right key
JumpSpacebar,Up arrow, W / Xbox Controller A or Up key
ShootZ or L / Xbox Controller X or B
Select levelSpacebar or Enter / Xbox Controller A
Up (over word)W or Up arrow / Xbox Controller Up key
Down (over word)S or Down arrow / Xbox Controller Down key
QuitESC / Xbox Controller Menu key


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