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Atomic Hazard

You took part in a deep freezing experience that went badly wrong and you are the only survivor. When you wake up you find that the local environment is very dangerous, can you survive this?

Survive dangerous sewers, travel across deserts, travel through space and try to find a safe place.

Platforming, puzzles and action. Take advantage of your environment in physics-based movement and combat.

The Anti-Gravity gun allows you to manipulate objects as well as enemies. You can push or remove gravity.

Jetpacks help you glide through obstacles and enemies.

Grappling hook helps you get to a harder place. Bring the objects or your enemies to you.

  • Over 70 levels in different kind of environments
  • Collect 55 energy drinks that will upgrade your skills
  • Find secrets
  • Local Co-op
  • Play with mouse and keyboard or controller
  • Over 50 achievements